Christianity through art. Christianity as art.

Fer is a collective artist, following the tradition of art used as a theological medium; as an instinctive mode for communicating the faith.  Christianity through art. 

We are also exploring the idea that Christian narrative, philosophy and it's lived experience is, itself, a type of art. Christianity as art. 

We are interested in art outside of the Gallery; in the aesthetics of people and our bodies; of our relationships and choices, and of the built spaces that accommodate us. Our works hope to compel viewers/participants to consider all of life within an aesthetic register.

Our works are all theological concepts applied to artistic forms or expressed through artistic forms. The forms vary from project to project and include spatial design, fashion design, music, video art, performance art, instagram art and contemporary ritual design.

We are trying to ground our works in our lived experience of Christ-discipleship and to respond to the world today.

We are based in London but from time to time we write, speak and teach for other people’s events across the EU. E.g. University of Leuven, Belgium; One School for Artists, Ålesund, Norway and The Scribe Course, Germany. Reach us here if you would like to include us in your event.