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Fer’s social media philosophy & manifesto:

Like many people we are sometimes unsure about social media and have periods of avoiding it. This is partly because of Jen’s digital introversion and partly out of a caution about developing an existential fear around the belief that our existence is verified and continually assured through our visible presence on social: I gram, therefore I am.

On the one hand, our strong views on relationship as the heart of existence (I relate therefore I am/I am known and loved therefore I am) lead us to place a high value on connection, and we love the new ways social media creates and nurtures connection.

But our belief in God also leads us away from the idea that there is no real existence or value to things that happen to us that are not shared and re-presented on social. Instead, we believe there is a particular value in - and validity to - the unseen parts of our lives. That there is a special sort of beauty just in the flower that lives and dies on the side of a freeway; too little and too fleeting to be seen. That there is a special sort of beauty in the person who leaves a public loo in a better state then when she entered it. That there is a special sort of beauty in the carefully presented meal-for-one of a single person at home. Part of its special beauty comes from the idea of art pour l’art; that the value of something aesthetic lies, precisely and exclusively, in its aesthetic- in what it is, not in what it does (including in how much it is viewed).

Another part of the special beauty is that these things are in fact seen; that they are seen and known by God and so social media is not needed to provide an alternative ‘omniscience’ to the sense of divine omniscience that has been more traditionally felt by people. And, because of God’s love for and value in the individual, it also becomes enough that something is seen only by the individual themselves. So valuable is one person on their own that they alone, are enough of an observer of their own lives to validate and value it existentially. God's love for us creates a value within us that is independent of whatever anyone views or comments on or ‘likes’. All of this leads us away from the slightly utilitarian message sometimes within digital culture that suggests that value is in numbers alone.

So what then for Fer and social media?

The quick answer is - over the next few months we will try to become more active. But we will have social media fasts from time to time to help ensure that we continue to post on social for the sake of our audience, not for our own sakes.

In short- Fer social, is exactly that, its for social, not for ourselves. And we will try to post only what and when we feel it is an act of love to do so. And speaking of love, like we said, we’d LOVE to hear from you! x