Works in progress

The Apron (four piece suit). A fashion video featuring a four-piece suit. Elevating the ‘apron’ as a symbolic garment of serving others by incorporating it into the traditional, and powerful, three piece men’s suit.

Aesthetic Fast. An inclusive and expanding performance artwork inviting participants to make a physical response to the suffering of others through enacted symbolism; by becoming part of a living artwork. [Aesthetic Fast is a large scale project with a dedicated website-]

Once within a Space. Video-art piece based on a visual conversation between a theologian and a residential architect through a joint fictional house design. An experiment in theologically driven domestic spatial design.

Tête à Tate. A project in two parts. Part one (Tête à Tate: beyond mother love) is a film exploring the value of a disabled child by a whole community, not just his value within the dynamic of parental love. Part two (Tête à Tate: slow theology) will form a vlog series. As most theology is generated by academics, this work is an exercise in 'listening' to the life of a learning disabled child and to those in relationship with him. Not theology for disability or theology about disability but theology through disability.

Our God is younger than we. A music album based on some of the most beautiful but often forgotten attributes of God recovered from theological voices found across all church traditions.

Fer Thought. Two podcasts.

  • Themed or topical reflections and stories from within the life in a London Christian collective.

  • Jesus the artist. Theological podcast exploring contemporary artistic metaphors for understanding the person of Jesus. Includes, Jesus the Eucatastrophe: humour, irony and the comic vision of the passion narratives; Jesus the performance artist.

ASMR.  Video art work following the YT phenomenon of 'ASMRtists' exploring ASMR not only as a ritual for pleasure and relaxation but for change. Themes for change include savouring what we have; a way not of having more (consumerism), but having what we have more (contentment) and breaking down personal prejudice through ASMR observations of the ‘other’.

Contributing artists:

We collaborate with many others both within and outside of our faith community. Some of our main contributions have come from Ola Jankowska (directing, videography, editing), Maiken Haberg Hansen (sound design),  Anoushka Sivaraman (architectural constultancy and drawing) and Dr Stephen Patterson (chemistry experimentation with jewellery for Aesthetic Fast). We are also collaborating with children and teenagers.